About Us

Get to know GAMENT

GAMENT Designs was inspired by a conversation over dinner with close friends. After much food and wine, the idea for a new way to personalize clothing using magnets first came around. 
The execution, however, was not nearly as simple as first imagined. After months of working with beads, laces and leather, sewing and gluing magnets to fabrics and plastics, and many poked and burned fingers, 3D Printing proved to be the ideal technology for these new designs.
GAMENT is an acronym for the word MAGNET and is both our foundation and brand identity. Through the combination of 3D Printing and Magnetism, this innovative new accessory offers unique wear-ability.
After countless rounds of prototyping and testing, many mistakes and lessons learned, GAMENTs evolved into a working design and we are proud to introduce our debut collection.
I hope you like it half as much as I do,