GAMENT x Heirloom Hats

A little bit about our exciting collaboration with Heirloom Hats

GAMENT x Heirloom Hats Butterfly hair sliders
When the idea Heirloom Hats and GAMENT should work together came about I was immediately excited. 

Samantha Mainville is the designer/owner of Heirloom Hats. I’ve been an admirer of her work even before she became my neighbour. I love her creative, colourful hat designs and I’ve gained a new appreciation for the art of millenary watching her work. Not to mention, she’s a pretty cool neighbour. 

Given our specialties are jewelry and hats, Hair Accessories seemed to be the perfect blend of our expertise. Using Sam’s Grandmothers collection of ceramic butterflies and some amazing illustrations as a starting point, we developed our ideal assortment of butterflies in motion using 3D modelling and Printing for the Mariposa Collection. 


It was a blast working with Sam and I’m so pleased with how the collaboration turned out!  You can check out our hair accessories and all of Sam’s fantastic hat designs at

GAMENT x Heirloom Hats butterfly head band