Caring for your jewelry

Cleaning our 3D Prints

Our 3-D prints are pretty sturdy and hold up pretty well to wear and tear. If you ever do need to clean your 3D printed jewelry I recommend using a wet wipe, I’ve always cleaned my demos daily during shows with Lysol wipes and they work great but any wipe will do. I know those are in short supply right now so soap and water works too just leave your piece out to dry afterwards.

Caring for your silver jewellery 

As much as I love the look of silver jewelry, tarnishing is an unfortunate fact of silver. Many things can effect the way your jewellery naturally tarnishes. Your body’s pH level, soaps, body lotions and moisturizers can add to tarnishing. Showing with your jewelry is not recommended, same goes for hot tubes and pools. But life happens and your jewellery will tarnish, you might forget a necklace in a drawer somewhere and you find it 6 months later completely tarnished. I do recommend keeping your silver in a ziplock bag when you’re not wearing it, it will slow down the natural tarnishing process. 
How to Clean your Jewellery
As for your sterling silver chains and findings you can use any silver cleaner you might have on hand. I’ve worked in jewellery for ages and I’m not the biggest fan of the strong chemicals, so I usually just use baking soda. I take a toothbrush wet it a little and dipped in baking soda and scrub gently to remove tarnish, repeat until all the tarnish is gone. Then just leave your piece out to dry and voilà bright and shiny as new!  

How to clean your silver jewellery at home, before and after

This should work for all but the most tarnished of jewellery. If your pieces is really tarnished, or your piece has a lot of small nooks and crannies, I would recommend a professional cleaning from time to time. Your neighbourhood jewellery store will have ultrasonic baths and steamers to really give your jewellery a deep cleaning you just can’t get at home.