3D Printing Helping Healthcare Workers

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3D Printers around the world are helping in the fight against COVID-19

I’ve been so inspired the past few weeks at the innovation and resourcefulness of the 3D Printing and Maker Communities in their efforts to help healthcare and essential workers.

From Italian engineers printing respirator parts to makers using their 3D printers and lasers cutters to make face-shields, people around the world have come together to aid in whatever way they can.

I’m proud to say, our 3D Printing partners have all been hard at work building essential products to safeguard our healthcare workers. 

Since you probably have a little extra free reading time right now, here are a few great articles I thought I would share on the subject:

A huge Thank You to all the healthcare and essential workers out there, and to everyone doing their part. 

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!